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See planets, nebulae, galaxies and constellations tonight!

PanSTARRS Comet photo by Maui Astronomer Casey Fukuda. Maui Stargazing

Welcome to Maui Stargazing - the ultimate, off-the-grid visitor activity on Maui. And it's fun for all ages!
Haleakala is considered among the best places on Planet Earth to observe celestial objects! At the 10,000 foot elevation, Haleakala Summit reaches above the clouds and is well away from light-polluted resorts. 

We meet at the Kula Lodge two hours before sunset and you follow us in your vehicle through Haleakala National Park to the summit. 
After a breathtaking sunset, we start the observing session with a laser-guided tour of the visible constellations followed by the telescope portion of the stargazing tour, where we view the prominent features of the astronomical season, including planets, nebulae and galaxies and other deep sky treasures.

  • Group size is limited to 12 people (including staff)
  • Dress warmly even though we supply jackets, hats and wind proof pants.
  • Eat a late lunch or early dinner and bring your own snacks.

Tour the planets, galaxies, nebulae and constellations tonight!
A Haleakala Telescope Adventure is the most thrilling activity on Maui. 
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Call Jan at (808) 298-8254
to book your magical night under Maui's Night Sky!

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