Maui Stargazing  - A Magical Night Under Maui Skies               (808) 298-8254

See planets, galaxies, nebulae and constellations tonight!
PanSTARRS Comet photo by Maui Astronomer Casey Fukuda. Maui StargazingWelcome to Maui Stargazing - your ultimate, off-the-grid visitor activity on Maui. And it's fun for all ages!
One person: $150
Groups of 2 or more: 
         $100 per teen-adult
Children aged 3 to 12 yrs.: $75 each
Astrophotography Package: add $200

Looking for that off-the-beaten track, science-based, unique activity while visiting Maui?  Try stargazing - it's fun and educational for people all ages - kids to senior citizens! 

Maui Stargazing delivers the best possible evening of deep sky object viewing with its big 12-inch aperture telescope.
We meet at the Kula Lodge (15200 Haleakala Hwy., Kula HI 96790) and you follow us in your vehicle to the 6,500 ft. elevation just past the 9 mile marker on Crater Road - a mile before Haleakala National Park - for spectacular views of Maui's night skies. Or visit the national park for sunset at the summit and drive down slope to meet us at the observing site just before dark. 
A private astronomy tour is one of the most unique, fun things to do on Maui. With its dark skies, Maui is one of the top places on Planet Earth to view the night sky! 
Tour the planets, galaxies, nebulae and constellations tonight!
Maui Stargazing provides the WOW factor for marriage proposals, wedding receptions, anniversary surprises, birthday parties, business conferences,family astronomy tours or back yard star parties.
Call Jan at (808) 298-8254
to book your magical night under tonight's sky!
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