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Guided Sunset & Stargazing Tours at Haleakalā Summit

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Sunset & Stargazing Tour

Join Maui Stargazing for a stunning sunset at Haleakala Summit followed by a science-based, 60-minute guided telescope tour of the cosmos. Observe the most deep-sky objects through the largest portable telescope on Haleakala. See the visible planets and deep-sky objects of the Milky Way, including nebulae, star clusters, and the galaxies beyond through a 12-inch aperture Dobsonian telescope. Stay warm in our winter jackets and snowboard pants in children’s sizes to adult 4-XL.

Why Choose Maui Stargazing?

  • Science-based and professional staff
  • Observe the most deep-sky objects
  • Best views in a field setting
  • Largest portable telescope on Haleakala
  • Family-friendly observing sites
  • Warmest winter gear: Snowboarding pants, winter jackets, and polar fleece hats and gloves in the widest array of sizes: Child to Adult 4XL.
  • Due to Covid 19, guests may follow Maui Stargazing to Haleakala National Park in their own vehicles. Vaccinated guests may ride in the van.
  • Meet at Kula Lodge 3 hours before sunset.



“A once in a lifetime chance to gaze at the night sky. Jan was an amazing host, giving us an in-depth guide to the night sky and various star formations, planets, you name it.” -Tony Y.

Highlight of Trip

“Going up to Haleakala summit with Jan and stargazing on a beautiful moonless night was definitely the most amazing part of my trip to Maui.” -Taylan P.

Favorite Experience

“Jan was wonderful- she really cares that her customers get the best experience possible.” -David K.