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About Us

Meet Our Extraordinary Team

Jan Roberson

Jan Roberson is Maui Stargazing’s owner and founder. She is our primary telescope tour guide with two decades of experience finding deep-sky objects at Haleakala Summit with her telescope. Looking into the eyepiece of a telescope is a fascination she loves to share with others, especially students and those who get their first up-close glimpse of planets, galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters. Seasoned backyard astronomers and professional welcome also!

Jan recently added an interactive digital astrophotography component to the tours provided the conditions permit.

Rob Ratkowski, MS.

Rob Ratkowski, MS., is a professional photographer by trade whose passion for astronomy landed him a job at Haleakala Summit’s Science City as a Laser Range Safety Technician. Rob is one of 13 astronomers worldwide that is certified as a Master Observer Gold Level by the Astronomical League – achieved over 10 years, and 2700 observations, 800 sketches and 33 program completion awards.

He is an inspiration to many and is the founding president of the Haleakala Amateur Astronomers. Rob supports Maui Stargazing as an outreach astronomy tour guide and he keeps our equipment in good repair.

Rakhal Kincaid

Rakhal Kincaid has an academic background in both astronomy and anthropology and has been observing under Hawaiian Skis for over 30 years. He has a special interest in Cultural Astronomy and Cosmology. He is a member of Haleakala Amateur Astronomers and is a certified Master Observer by the Astronomical League.

He is an advocate for dark sky conservation and is the founder/director of Dark Sky Hawaii. He works as an outreach astronomer for Maui Stargazing.

Cindy Krach, DVM

Cindy Krach, DVM, is a retired animal surgeon and pet care practitioner, who observes and sketches deep-sky objects nightly from her driveway on Crater Road in Kula, Maui. Cindy coordinates an astronomy observing sketch award for the Astronomical League, where she also has earned many observing certificates of achievement.

She is a frequent contributor to astronomy magazine. Check out her sketches on ASOD – Astronomy Sketch of the Day – under the pen name of Thia Krach. Cindy supports Maui Stargazing as a technical consultant.

Steve McGaughey

Steve McGaughey is an avid observer and the VP of Haleakala Amateur Astronomers. He has a particular interest in binary star systems and sketching deep-sky objects. He has contributed to science by recording the separation angles for hundreds of double stars, helping NASA calculate the orbital period of the stars.

Steve also serves as Maui’s NASA Solar System Ambassador to student groups on campuses across the island AND the public through his 3-minute astronomy program on AKAKU – Maui Community Television.